Ki Yoga
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“The reason I come to Ki Yoga is simply because I feel at home with myself when I come to Kiara's classes, no matter what my day has been like - stressful, anxiety filled, busy, insecurity driven- I KNOW that after I leave her class, I can find my true center and be strong and filled back with my life force once again.

Kiara's classes encompass the spiritual, physical and healing aspects of yoga and she is so very genuine, relatable and vulnerable with her students that it leaves me feeling inspired. This is why I choose Ki Yoga classes over all others, because it feeds my soul, mind and body and it is hard to get all of those aspects in one."



“Kiara is gifted with strength and intuition and is an incredible leader. She has a deep understanding of all aspects of yoga; her classes incorporate a vast knowledge of anatomy, history and energy. When Kiara is leading a class, workshop or training, you sense quickly that you are in very capable hands and you will leave more open, stronger, wiser and a little closer to unlocking the secrets of the universe.”



"Kiara's classes are magic. She makes me feel like I’m magic. It isn’t just a physical workout. She incorporates my mind, my spirit and my heart. She has such an incredible energy, and she truly cares about her students. Kiara's so knowledgeable about the human body and does a great job of explaining poses. Also, every single one of her classes is different! 

She gives great adjustments and positive encouragement throughout the class and that keeps me going. 
She always knows when I am forgetting my breath. It’s inspiring to be around someone who has 100% found their passion in life."