Ki Yoga Private Services

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Private yoga instruction

Providing private yoga instruction for one-on-one, couples or groups. Services are provided at-home, on the beach, at the studio or at business offices. Prices vary based on group size, space fees and mat use. Contact Kiara for an individualized quote.

Private mountain yoga

Providing private hiking and yoga tours to small and large groups. Most hiking and yoga tours take from 3-5hrs depending on the trail selected by the group. Trails range from easy to moderate spanning from 4-7miles. The trails are located between Santa Cruz and Big Sur, each offering exceptional views of the Pacific coastline. The number of mats that can be provided are limited and additional materials may need to be purchased due to group size. Contact Kiara for an individualized quote.

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personal mentorship

For yoga teachers looking for personalized guidance and mentorship unique to their growing expression of yoga and business. Mentorship is provided remotely via zoom meetings. One 30-minute session is $60, for a bundle of five 30-minute sessions the price is $40 per session at a bundle price of $200. Contact Kiara to schedule your free 10-minute consultation to see if her mentorship meets your needs.