Yin Practice: Viparita Karani

Props aren't always required :) Better known as legs up the wall.

Props aren't always needed, but it's nice to place a pillow or rolled up blanket under the sacrum; the place just above your tailbone and slightly below your clothing waistband.

To get into the pose, sit next to the wall with your hip and shoulder at the wall and then lay on the floor on your side; your 'bottom' will still be against the wall. Roll onto your back and extend your legs up the wall.

If you do have props, place a rolled up blanket, bolster, foam block or thick pillow under your sacrum. Take a half folded blanket for under your head. If a strap is available, it feels great to band just above the knees at the thighs so you  don't have to put forth any effort keeping your lugs UP the wall.

If you don't have props, it's still safe to put your legs up the wall anywhere. There is less pull on your back and hamstrings if you place your tailbone 4" or so away from the wall when no props are being used.

As shown in the picture, Viparita Karani may be done anywhere! Like that day, I find it particularly useful on stressful workdays in the office when I feel as though all of the blood has been drawn out of my head. The only answer to that drained feeling is to invert.

Here's info on why this gentle inversion and inversions of all kinds benefit your health: read more