Is It Worth Living THAT Unhappy For?

5 Regrets of the DyingI was once told: we accept the change we've been afraid to make when the discomfort of our experience becomes too much to endure any longer... I know I'm about to outgrow a chapter of my life when the discomfort of my current experience becomes seemingly intolerable. Eventually, no amount of fear can keep me stuck where I am as I feel viscerally moved to escape the discomfort. Growth comes as I leave behind what's no longer serving me and, with newfound fearlessness and a substantial amount of discomfort, I take the first step into the next chapter of my life.

What is causing you great discomfort in life? I empathize that it can be hard to be honest with ourselves as we take a look at what that is, but how many more days will you sacrifice to unhappiness that could have been happy ones?