Worklife Balance

Most of us only have the weekend to get some rest before another 5 days of work and business roll in. How often do you take these 2 days and just work more on your personal life? Running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, whatever home-work it is that you need to do to be ready for the next week? This continuation of labor doesn’t give your body-mind the rest that it needs to stay healthy and happy. And, I know, I can hear you saying: “when else am I supposed to do it—my life chores have to get done too!” Here’s one suggestion to help you manage the load, reduce stress and get some reset time...pick a set time/day and protect that time no matter what for resting.

It’s a lot harder than it sounds because it requires establishing firm boundaries for rest and then fiercely protecting that time FROM YOURSELF! Yes, from you, over-achiever! We devalue rest and some people even feel anxiety slowing down; feeling like more should be done and spending time doing nothing productive is just a waste of time. THAT’S NOT TRUE! That angst you feel slowing down is actually the stress response in your body. We aren’t meant to be in that mode all the time! That’s what leads to illness and even death. Research has proven a rested body-mind is doubly productive and effective than an exhausted one.

So here’s how you do it...we pick one of the two days to get every single thing done from groceries, lawn work & laundry and leave the other day to be totally lazy or free for some outdoor activities or fun. Maybe for you it’s work the morning each day but as soon as 1p hits, you hit the pause button until tomorrow. Make it work for you, but carve out enough downtime to feel rested and then protect that time NO MATTER WHAT! Your health AND your weekends will thank you.

Kiara McBain