Strong is the New Sexy


strong is the new sexy I believe most of us struggle with body issues or unwarrantedly disapprove of our bodies in some way.

I think we all do or have... including myself. When I was in high school, I had a Senior football player stop and tell me that I had linebacker shoulders...just as I was, ironically, feeling especially feminine in that given moment. A crushing blow.

That stuck with me and marked the beginning of my diminished self acceptance. Once I stopped accepting my figure, every time a negative comment was made about my body, I took the comments with me... compiling evidence towards the proof of my imperfection; and I lived in a quiet misery.

I didn't take the good comments because I couldn't hear them. I wouldn't believe them because I didn't believe it about myself to begin with.

It has been a long journey to realize that the body can only transform by so much, The rest YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT.

You, me, and the models included, don't have a natural airbrushed body, perfection is impossible, and to work even close to it makes the body a prison instead of a pleasure manufacturing joy ride that it is. Love yourself. Love your body. Seek health in the shape your body offers. Know strength by enjoying the body you're in. Hell, even dare to be sexy!