Sunday Morning: Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. ― Bob Marley

Some people feel the rainI love waking up to a rainy Sunday morning. The first sound in my ears is the sweeping wind upon the glass windows. Followed by the dancing of rain on the roof. I move mindfully to start the fire and fix the French Press, so as not to jump-start my mind into chatter, which would only ruin this surreal moment.

I set the cup of coffee on the nightstand and climb back into bed. Heat radiates from the fireplace with the warm glow of flames against the cold, grey clouds outside the windows. I reach for pen and paper, but there isn’t much to be said. My mind feels like I’m awake in savasana and only my senses are ecstatic with the dancing of mother earth around me. I set the pen and paper down and reach for the cup of coffee. I hold the warm cup close and feel as though the heat is permeating my entire body. My spine tickles with delight and I can feel contentment seep down into my toes. Every one of my senses is taking in this dramatic display of nature; a simple kind of super contentment.

Rainy Sunday mornings are one of my favorite things. I could sit forever enjoying the sounds of nature around me and the feeling of joy throughout my body.

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”― Bob Marley