Silence The Mind


The first practice in meditation is to learn to distance yourself from the mind; learn to observe your thinking rather than be consumed by it.

When you learn to witness the mind, it becomes apparent how much of it isn't yours. With the years, we collect voices. Those of our parents, strict authoritative figures from our youth, or even that of a consoling elderly figure. We adopted them to help us learn as we grew up, but then we never learned to let them go so we could start to hear our own inner voice.

When we step back from the mind, this collection of other voices, we begin to tap into our own individual wisdom. At the very core of who you are, you know what is best for you, you know what you want and need from life and, just as importantly, what you need to heal and grow.

This practice really isn't difficult. Start to tune in and watch. Listen to its judgements and commentary on life and others. Start to pay attention to the comments made about yourself. The practice isn't to change the mind, the practice is simply to witness so that you begin to see that YOU are in fact separate from the mind.