Self Love

Having mind-body awareness is paramount to having this ability. I love that yoga & meditation have been so evident in the power of the mind-body connection that science has formulated their own terms for what we’ve known for centuries. Science has taken our ‘woo-woo’ ideas and built them into scientifically recognized terms like proprioception and interoception, which are essentially our mind’s ability to globally and minutely sense our body. That doesn’t seem like a big thing until you suffer from a panic attack and have the awareness to pull yourself out of it. Or sense a pain that just shouldn’t be there and demand the scan that leads you to catching the cancer early.

Our mind-body connection is vital in more ways than managing tough sensations; it also rutters us in the direction of our happiness. When we’re attuned to our body, we know when we’re sensing joy, pleasure, contentment and where or who we’re with when we’re feeling those sensations. Those of us with keen mind-body perception appreciate witnessing the ups and downs because we feel APART of the experience—knowing that the grief won’t kill us, it just needs to be felt, that the anxiety is a message and not a death sentence. You are in your body, experiencing your sensations, it’s not happening to you, your body isn’t hurting you, you’re not a victim of your own body—that’s a huge paradigm shift for most of us to make!

Our body is a visceral messaging machine and, believe it or not, many of us can’t hear it even when the volume is turned up to the max (pain, disease). Yoga is one of the best ways to improve proprioception and interoception so you can hear your body’s messages. The combo of flexibility, strength & balance force us to really pay attention AND THAT is the gift of the practice! Let alone that improved body awareness is also forming new neuropathways and increasing grey matter in the brain!! Woot!

Kiara McBain