Quick Bases: Broccolini

Baked Broccolini with White Truffle Oil Estimated Preparation: 2mins Estimated Hands-On Cook Time: 0mins Estimated Leave-It Cook Time: 30-45mins

Ingredients: 2lbs or large bag of broccolini Truffle Oil, drizzle to taste or approximately 2 tbsp

Preparation: Preheat oven to 375*. Take washed broccolini and lay in pan, heads towards the outer rim of the baking dish and stems towards the middle. Sprinkle salt on the broccolini, drizzle truffle olive oil all over the broccolini. Place uncovered in the oven. Stir every 15mins. Depending on your oven, may cook up to 45mins; cook until al dente. Eat! Makes a great side to any main dish.

Leftover Game Plan: Tons of things you can do with leftover broccolini: -Cut up in a salad (cold) -Throw into scrambled eggs or an omelet -Eat cold! Tasty :)