Chia Power Pudding

Chia Seeds & Coconut Milk Pudding Preparation Time: 3 mins Hands-On Cook Time: 0 mins Leave-it Cook Time: 15 mins

Ingredients: 1/4c chia seeds 3/4c light coconut milk (with no preservatives) 1c berries 3Tbsp Hemp Seeds

Preparation: Pour the chia seeds into the bowl and cover with coconut milk. Let stand for 15mins to soften seeds and thicken. Top with berries. Eat!

Trader Joe's sells a great light coconut milk in the can. To date, I have not found a coconut milk in a carton that isn't loaded with crap. READ THE LABEL. If your coconut milk has anything more than coconut milk and water, don't buy it.

For this meal, I used organic frozen berries. This is a more cost effective way of buying berries and they last longer in the fridge. I simply warmed them in the microwave for 25 seconds, stirred, then heated for another 25 seconds. Instead of berries, a great alternative is sliced banana or apple and a few tablespoons of almond butter.