Letting Go Of Suffering Thich Nhat Hanh


Delicious ambiguity... there it is again.

When faced with the unknown, we rarely gamble on what can't be seen. The truth is, though, if you're suffering in a job, relationship, mortgage, program, you name it... if you're forcing yourself through something... it is the suffering that signifies: MOVE ON.

I don't mean jump ship or pop a pill the instant something gets uncomfortable; that's simply cowardice and a weak will. I'm referring to those things in life that, after months or even years, you drudgingly force yourself through day-in and day-out with rarely any moments of joy. That is real suffering. That is Life's proof that it is time to move on. To gamble on the unknown being better than what you have now.

Fear is the immobilizing force that keeps us in our suffering. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and just jump. The plan doesn't always have to be laid out before you... TRUST LIFE... it has a greater imagination than you ever will.