Letting Go


When thinking about the concept of letting go, I immediately jump to the idea of releasing people... those that have left, passed or when life has moved one of us on.

However, letting go is a powerful concept that occurs numerous times a day. The saying, "pick your battles, choose your wars" comes to mind. Everyday we're affronted with perceived trespasses; someone says something that feels disrespectful, a loved one doesn't intuit what you were needing, someone cuts you off on the road, or even as little as, someone looks at you oddly.

You name it, those situations that bother you, it's the bothering that identifies the need to let go. We don't let these daily trespasses go because they upset us; we believe that by carrying on our frustration or anger we cease to release the person from their wrong doing. Not so. That car that cut you off and sped off, they aren't fretting about you as you sit boiling behind your steering wheel. Your partner that's oblivious to the need you just felt 'they should know' still remains oblivious as you stew over their ignorance.

The theme here is that by not letting go, WE MAKE OURSELVES MISERABLE. Others are never responsible for our inner state, we always hold the power over our misery or our happiness.

When we practice the power of letting go, we don't make ourselves miserable over inconsequential slights. And in the instances where they are slights to be addressed... in letting go of our impassioned reactions, we more calmly communicate and thus, more often than not, have a better chance of getting what we want.

Life isn't a battle or a war, but we do have the power to make it feel that way for ourselves... What if you tried the mantra: "let go, let go, let go..." every time you feel yourself get worked up over something? Don't make this an altruistic act; do this for you because it feels far better on the inside when we let things go.

"Sometimes, letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on." -Eckhart Tolle