Joy Is


Someone once commented that I get really excited over the smallest things. And I thought, "why not?"

It was then I realized how silly many people think it is to get excited or even joyful over the small stuff. However, how often does the 'big good' come into your life? By definition, it's rare, or we wouldn't consider it a tremendous thing. So, why limit joy to events that seldom happen?

Conversely, how often does the 'little good' happen? Waking up before the alarm clock. Green lights the whole way home. A smile from a stranger. Someone letting you go first. Having a sensory overload meal that knocks your tastebuds off. Or a relaxing evening to yourself. The list goes on and on! There are a MYRIAD of tiny things that happen all day long that offer us the chance for a little joy.

In addition to the 'small good', we all have 'constant good' that we often take for granted... Oh, but how much is lost when we cease to cultivate gratitude for the CONSTANT good in our lives!

Do you have family that loves you? Friends who have stood through thick and thin? Do you have a partner that knows you inside and out and loves you for it? Do you have work that allows you to pay your bills? Do you have shelter? Running water? Food? Is your body free of illness?

For a long time I shamed myself into gratitude for the 'constant good'; there are people starving and homeless, I should be grateful for what I have! That never worked. We all know you can't be forced into doing something and that was my way of forcing gratitude.

The secret to loving the constant good is to get your mind to be wholly in the present. If you are surrounded by family or friends today, notice how it feels to be with them, recognize the connection you have with these people. When you eat...EAT! Taste, enjoy, experience the food. And on the most basic level, feel into your body... recognize that you are alive, notice how it feels to breathe, actually FEEL that hug from someone!

Gratitude is the common denominator in finding joy. The other factors are the small good and the constant good. Joy is yours any second of every day when you allow yourself to appreciate, love, be grateful, thus BE THANKFUL, for the small and constant good in your life. Only then may you truly recognize how good things really are.