Gluten-Free Italian Breaded White Fish


Crispy, Delicious & Good For You! Preparation Time: 20mins Hands-On Cook Time: 5mins Leave-it Cook Time: 0mins

Ingredients: 2lbs White Fish (I used rockfish on this occasion) 1-1/2c Almond Flour 1-1/2Tbs Italian Seasonings (or add more to taste) Salt to Taste 3 Egg Whites 1/2c avocado oil

Preparation: Put egg whites in a shallow bowl and set yolks aside for aioli. Mortar and pestle the Italian seasoning and add in a mixing bowl with the almond flour. Rinse and pat dry the fish. Cut the fish into 3”-4” pieces. Place the fish in the egg whites and coat thoroughly. Then, place the fish in the flour bowl and toss. I found using a fork to flip the fish over and then shake the flour was helpful. Between each fish fillet, fluff the flour. Set breaded patties aside.

In a deep skillet, add the avocado oil and heat the oil on high. Once the oil is hot, add the fish and brown on each side. I found for the rockfish, this was almost 2mins on each side.

While the fish is cooking, set up a receiving plate. Lay a couple of paper towels down on the plate to receive the fried fish fillets; this will absorb any extra oil in the breading.

Then, serve! I thought this meal was also great as a left over. The crust was still crispy the next day!

My guess is this breading will work with chicken too…recipe soon to come!


Fast & Easy Breading Prep

After Breading, Fry in Good Fat: Avocado Oil

Lightly Brown & Place on Paper Towel (not shown here)