Fight, Flight Freeze

Fight, flight, freeze. The stress response induced by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. When we’re in any one of these three states our body is being flooded with stress hormones intended to save our life from imminent death. Prepared for fight or flight, the blood sucks out of our core, into the large muscles of our extremities, gearing up to save our life. Prepared to freeze, breath and heart rate slow so significantly not only can we freeze, but black out, faint and lose consciousness too.
This is a genius system that really does save our lives when we need it. Able to lift the car off the person beneath it, run out and thru the blazing fire or disassociate when attack is underway and there’s nowhere else to flee. The problem with us and our daily lives, NOT THIS SYSTEM, is that we’ve come to perceive traffic jams as squashing vehicles, emails as blow torches and a conversation as an attack. Too much stress stimulous causes our adrenals to fatigue, our system to get over taxed with stress hormones and our mind less resilient to perceived stress. I imagine our nervous system simply frayed.
Today I invite you to notice how often you over stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. How many emails felt like a blow torch? How many times did you emotionally react? Freeze up? Growth and healing only occur when we can take stock of ourselves. I invite you to witness your stress today and tell me if you find anything surprising...

Kiara McBain