Fear Prevents Life

fear prevents life

When you're able to look fear in the face, you're able to see that fear is a choice.

Fear isn't even an emotion that occurs naturally for the body; it is purely a construct of the mind. Fear has nothing to do with protecting you from danger. If it did, you could immediately drop it after such 'dangerous' events. Instead, fear is carried around day in and day out as emotional baggage...eventually becoming the navigation system for your life.

When fear becomes the deciding force, life becomes more and more limited. Fear breeds fear. When you cease to face your fears, you just end up collecting more.

Facing fear does require a tremendous amount of bravery. Oh, but imagine what life would look like navigated by bravery! It begins with a choice, not with knowing how...see the fear and choose to face it...the rest comes naturally. You were made to live life, not prevent it.