Life Is A Miracle


I woke this morning to tragedy... young life lost and a future generation devastated.

Death, especially young death,  demands that you take stock of life... How you are living... Why you are living... Is this even living?

Those reflections led me to ask how I would live if I could know when my last day will be. The answer came to me instantly: I wouldn't give a damn about money. I'd love people madly and fully and not waste a moment of my attention on those I don't.

That's less than altruistic, isn't it? But how much of your life have you wasted coddling injuries that someone left with you? How many days has unhappiness ruined as a result of someone else? And why do we care to let them do this?

I think when we fail to learn forgiveness, punishment is the only solution. When we aren't taught how to let go, retribution is the only road. And when we cease to understand that we are unconditionally loveable, but not all people will love us, our fragile egos place our worth solely on those that don't. much of life is missed when we fail to learn and let go...

Yet, what of those people we love and whom love us? Are you loving them completely? Or is there a divide of hesitation that limits your expression, thus limiting the depths to which you experience your love with them?

When you love wholly, there are no hesitations. When you love without fear, there is no divide that can run between you. When you love madly, entire depths are reached in the experience of loving. that, to me, is living...

And yet how in the reflections of life, does money become the first thought? As an American, I believe it’s all our first thought. Our happiness is based on it and, unfortunately, so is our self worth. In our consumerist society, can there ever be enough?

I’m left thinking about a quote I saw yesterday… ‘if you want to change the quality of your mind, start dwelling on what's good in your life.’ Your mind is your life. Your mind is your lens of the world and you experience the world through it. So, wouldn’t changing that lens also change your life? What kind of impact would it have to take stock of what’s good and savor it with gratitude?

If tragedy can serve but one purpose, it is to reevaluate life… …can you learn and let go? …can you love madly? …appreciate what is? …and cease to be disillusioned by things that actually don’t matter?

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

WellnessKiara McBain