Cashew Cheese: A Lactose Intolerant's Dream Come True

You'll never go back to regular cheese after trying this!

Cashew Cheese

Estimated Preparation: 5mins Estimated Hands-On Cook Time: 5mins Estimated Leave-It Cook Time: 1hour-24hours

Ingredients: 1 Bag Trader Joe’s Cashew Pieces (16oz) 3Tbsp Lemon Juice 3/4c Water 1Tbsp Italian Seasoning Salt & Pepper to Taste

Preparation: Soak the cashews for atleast 1 hour, you can soak them overnight too. Measure the amount of water to soak the cashews in 1 cup of cashews to 2 cups of water. The cashews should be fully submersed.

After soaking the cashews, drain and rinse. This is a large amount of cashews so divide the blending in batches if using a Vitamix.  I preferred the cheese slightly coarse, think Ricotta cheese. Rather than fully blended and smooth, think Cream Cheese, but not quite so thick.

Add the seasoning of your choice to the blender to better mix into the cheese. I used a mortar and pestle before adding the seasoning so that there weren’t any course bits in the cheese. When done smoothing together, pour onto saran wrap and freeze overnight for hardening. You can keep the cheese in the freezer for storing, move to the fridge when you want to soften for cooking.

Feel free to use this cheese in anything cheese is used: lasagna, spreads, hors d’oeuvres, an accompaniment to charcuterie, lasagna, pizza...the list goes on and on.