Just Because I Believe It, Doesn't Make It So

"Just because I believe it doesn't make it true."

Each and every one of us carry limiting beliefs. Maybe they’re superficial like we're not thin or attractive enough. Some are deeper, like knowing the person you love will eventually leave or that you're just not lovable enough. Some are deeper still, like you're not meant to be happy or you'll never get what you want. Limiting belief systems suck and yet we each carry them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When you were reading those words, didn't they make you feel a little sick or at least a bit icky? That's actually the magic in the sauce. These limiting belief systems lodge themselves as negative energy in our tissues--in our bodies. (It’s called somatics!) What's important about that is we can use the icky sensation to help us locate where we hold this belief in our body and dissolve it.

Here's a meditation for you...find your comfortable meditative seat, eyes closed, breath lengthened, a sense of centeredness in your mind-body connection found. Now, call to mind a limiting belief you have and notice where you feel the sensation rise in your body. You don't need to repeat the belief like a mantra, but you do want to keep your awareness located on the physical sensation. Breath into the sensation and imagine it dissolving--as if you could breathe it apart. And then begin to ask yourself whether or not this belief is true and allow THIS to be your mantra. Stay with it. You may notice the sensation moves or you realize there's another limiting belief beneath it. Again, "is it possible that this isn't true?" Use your breath to stay connected to your body and the sensations. Stay for as long as you're comfortable, using your breath to ground and stay present and returning to the meditation as needed for dissolution of the belief.

Kiara McBain