Bacon Wrapped Cabbage

Bacon: the best thing to happen to cabbage Preparation Time: 5 mins Hands-On Cook Time: 0 mins Leave-it Cook Time: 20 mins

Ingredients: 1 package nitrate free bacon (check the ingredients, if you don't recognize something, don't buy it!) Head white cabbage

Preparation: Preheat oven to 400*. Cut the cabbage into wedges. The thickest side of the wedge should be no larger than 3". Think of when you buy a wedge of cheese, you want to cut the cabbage into the same shape. Then, cut out the main core of the cabbage if there is any in the wedge.

Wrap the cabbage in the bacon. You don't want to overlap, but you do want to add the following strip of bacon where the last one ended; creating a continuos wrap. Be sure to leave the ends of the cabbage wedge exposed so you can see how well done the cabbage gets while cooking. Feel free to use toothpicks to help anchor the bacon.

Cook at 400* for 8-10min. The, broil for 8-10mins; turning the wedge over after 4mins of broiling to brown and crisp both sides.

Let stand for 3-5mins and serve.