Thoughts on Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn Equinox! As a sunshine baby, this day is always a little tough for me so I thought I’d share with you some of the thoughts I reflect on to help me welcome this change...

Today marks the day that we’ll experience equal parts light and dark hours. This fact of the autumn equinox always reminds me that we are all, each, half dark and half light. Just like nature, as nature, we too are dark and light. Somehow, tho, we devalue our dark parts; we focus only on the light and, as a result, often feel guilt, shame or regret for the aspects of ourselves that don’t hold up in the light. This is the fallacy of perfection: NONE OF US ARE PERFECT. Even if you make it your life mission to try to be. This perfection fallacy isn’t an achievement-based betterment strategy. It’s a fear-based, “I can’t accept who I am” strategy.

I loved this term I heard yesterday, FOPO: fear of other people’s opinions. The world SEVERELY suffers from this. It makes you choose paths, people, things that don’t make you happy simply because you thought your actions would receive the approval of others. I propose to you that this FOPO stems solely from our inability to accept and embrace our dark parts. We must admit we will always have little places within us that have room for growth and possibilities for disappointment, mistakes and even failure.

Today and this week are always a meditation for me to remember to honor and embrace the parts of me that are real; that in other people’s opinion may be flawed, but to explore being ok with that. Autumn Equinox is about honoring your authenticity and saying to hell with the fear that makes these parts of yourself difficult to embrace.

Kiara McBain