Allergies: Your Natural CURE


"Oil of Oregano: Nature's Antibiotic" Cure, yes, I said it: CURE. Not a pill that will cover up the symptoms, but a legitimate cure to your seasonal allergies.

You will need all the ingredients shown in the post image: Distilled Water Clean pot Nettie Pot (anyone will work) Oil of Oregano

We all know that Nettie Pots help when cold's come around, but few of us know how powerful we can make the Nettie Pot therapy by adding a drop of Oil of Oregano. Oregano Oil—"The King of natural antibiotics, study after study proves the effectiveness of oregano oil."

Preparation: Fill your Nettie Pot to the indicated line. Note, you can get these through amazon or your local drugstore. Pour water into pot and heat until luke warm. This doesn't feel very warm to the finger, so test the heat on your wrist like you would a bottle for a baby. It should be luke warm. Dump in your salt packet. Then, add one drop of oil of oregano to start. After a week or two and your tolerance increases, add two drops: don't exceed two. Then, Nettie!

My Story: Fourteen years ago, I was introduced to oil of oregano for allergies. I was told to put a full dropper amount under my tongue. Geez was that awful! Not only does it taste like a fist punch to the mouth of oregano, the taste lingers in your mouth for a loooong time. I was suffering so severely that I kept it up for two weeks, when finally my allergies subsided, I stopped. It was so horrible, I didn't practice it again and I went back to taking meds.

The meds don't help after a while. First, you're tired and lethargic when you do take them and they're costly. As the years passed and I picked up surfing, I started getting sinus infections on the regular due to face planting in foreign waters. My sinus infections would get so severe, I'd always end up being prescribed a Zpack. Side effects here, not to mention it wrecks your immune system and for women it often leads to UTI. I think we can all agree not good when you're taking these 2-3 times in a calendar year. So, my relationship with Oil of Oregano started again.

This time, I realized I could dilute the OOO in the nettie pot and shoot it right into the epicenter of the problem: your sinuses. Within only a weeks time, my symptoms were gone. During spring and winter, I still keep it up daily before I shower. Doing nettie before you shower helps flush the rest of the fluid out of your sinuses under the hot water of the shower.

Your receiving the post today because yesterday my eyes started to tell me my allergies were back. It always starts with my eyes because I'm a contact wearer. I nettied this morning and my eye irritation has already immediately improved by 50%.

Save yourself from the suffering. Save your immune system, kidney and liver from the meds. Save your pocket book from the expense.

Nettie with OOO!